Meet Our Founder

My name is Jolicia and I'm the Founder and CEO of Jaelle Candle Co. This company was started with a desire to help individuals light their way to self-care through candles and stems directly from my personal battle with severe anxiety and PTSD.

The name "Jaelle" is a combination of my two daughters names, Jaleah and Arielle. They both have an Autism diagnosis a.k.a. a neurodivergent diagnosis, and it's with them in mind that I'm working towards developing an employment program for individuals in the neurodivergent community.

Our Mission

Jaelle Candle Co. started out as a way to help others prioritize their self-care, and has since evolved into an initiative to support an amazing community of individuals in need of support as they transition into adulthood and employment.

With each candle made, I hope to expand this business and create a safe space for parents like myself and individuals like Jaleah and Arielle as they strive for a life of independence. Excited to have you join along for the journey!