Meet the Owner

Hi, I'm Jolicia. Wife, mom of 2 amazing girls, and small business advocate by day. In 2017, I was in a traumatic car accident and suffered from severe anxiety/PTSD. I used candles regularly to help ease my anxiety and I realized candles signified self-care for me. One day, after enjoying a candle, I told my husband I wanted to start a candle business. That is how Jaelle Candle Co. came to be.

This company is a representation of prioritizing self-care to live your best, most fulfilled life. With each candle made, I hope to help others learn to light their way to self-care, naturally. 

About the Brand

Jaelle Candle Co. is a minority and woman-owned candle-making company whose mission is to help others prioritize moments of self-care through all-natural candle experiences. All of our candles are handmade in South Florida using sustainable, high-quality, non-toxic ingredients.

Our candle experiences include individual sales on our website, private-label candles for special events or corporate gifts, and mobile candle-making classes with a focus on corporate team building in which we travel to your venue with a complete candle event setup.